Sri Lankan Friendliness and Politeness in Abundance

Sri Lankan Friendliness and Politeness in Abundance

Sri Lankans in general are outstanding in the friendliness and are so polite. Busy tourist centres will always be what they are, so venture a little off the beaten track and discover real Lankans.  As a seasoned traveller you will naturally be somewhat cautious  when being bombarded by street sellers offering to be your friend and sell you the earth whilst travelling. However, in Sri Lanka, most people that you meet outside of the “tourist scene”  will be genuinely interested in you and your life. Where are you from, are you married, how many kids do you have etc – they really want to be friendly. You will have a more enriched experience if you engage in some initially “guarded” conversation. You can always become more open and ask some questions yourself when you develop a “good feeling” and trust.

For sure there are scam merchants just like anywhere else trying to sell you something, they probably do need the money for their families. However showing the same interest back will open you up to some incredible experiences and allow you to learn even more about this wonderful place, it’s culture and it’s people.

Pack your camera, jump on a plane and let the adventures begin!



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