Sri Lanka should be on your “must do” travel list this is why

Sri Lanka should be on your “must do” travel list this is why!

Looking for a travel experience that is stunning and off the beaten track, come to Sri Lanka.

Our totally tropical island is just four hours from Dubai, you immediately enjoy the greenary and lush rain forests which are bordered with splendid beaches, natural vistas, historical landmarks dating back 2500 years and a good old British build railway system.

Our unique nation welcomes you with charm and discovery unequivocally, and leaves travellers wanting to return time and again.

Sri Lanka has a total of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and given size, that is very impressive. Our Sri Lanka beaches are much sought after by foreign travellers, who look for something outstanding, yet serene and virginal.

Join the adventure, take a plunge into the heart of Sri Lanka, discover the beauty of this ancient land and engage in our culture whilst enjoying the relaxed beach life.
Do you need compelling reasons to visit us in Sri Lanka?

Splendid beaches
Sri Lanka beaches are known for the white sandy shores and crystal clear blue waters. Beaches are high on the list of places to visit in Sri Lanka, and the best time to visit these would be winter time for “Down South” hositality and ocean adventures (September to March), when the air is chilly. Polhena, Madiha, and Unawatuna offer the best beach destinations of Sri Lanka for peacfulness, and Hikkaduwa is famous for beach party time.

Summer time finds the best beach holidays on the East coast with great surf and offshore winds. Arugam Bay, Trincomalee and Batticaloa are the places to head for. Great parties, amazing beaches and outstanding ocean waves.

For an all year round experience, enjoy the upcountry areas where the climate is always cooler than the coastal areas. Rain lovers should visit Nuwara Eliya in May / June and bring an umrellor – there are many sights to see and enjoy – in between rain showers!

Bentota River has watersporst activities 12 months a year and great eating places on the riverside. The beach hotels are also great for reelaxing.

The ancient city of Galle, which is known for its architectural wonders due to influences from the British and Dutch. The walled city of Galle Fort is simply amazing to woder arround on foot with a camera, whilst stopping off at the tea rooms and cake shops.

Mirissa is yet another beach that is splendid for those, who are looking for quality surf in the winter and beach parties.

UNESCO World Heritage sites
As mentioned before, Sri Lanka has a total of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and all of them are grand in nature, yet awesome in comprehension.
Sinharaja Forest Reserve will give you a taste of the wild, as this is one of the most important reserves in the country
The virgin rainforest areas are not to be missed
Polonnaruwa, hosts many ruins from the ancient times when it was a royal city some 2500 years ago
Central Highlands of Sri Lanka
Adam’s Peak, which has numerous trails for energetic or casual hiking

Outstanding food
Sri Lankan cuisine is unique, as it gets its influences from South Indian, Indonesian, and Dutch cuisines. Coconut features in many of the dishes cooked here, while rice is a staple that goes with most dishes. A common Sri Lankan lunch would include rice, prawns, kiribath (rice and curry dish), kottu, and appam, among others. Egg hoppers are a poached egg in a pancake bowl with the benefit of being healthy and very tastey
You could also try arrack, which is a distilled alcoholic drink.

The “Top Tip” for a Sri Lankan visit is to keep relaxed and enjoy at the slow pace of the island. When you are looking for a chilled holiday, then head to Sri Lanka, it is all about leisure and natural beatuty.





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