Sri Lanka Tours Down South Madiha and Matara

Nandana Tea Factory

This tea factory offers a comprehensive tour of their gardens & tea factory. The guide will spend time showing you the variety of spices, fruits & tea plants in the garden before giving you a tour of the factory. At the end there will be a tea tasting.

The Nandana Tea Factory is about 50mins from Madiha and Matara.


Yala National Park Sunrise Safari

At this incredible national park, there is a chance to view leopards, elephants, monkeys, warthog, buffalo, peacocks, deer, crocodiles & much more.

Breakfast is provided during the safari.

You will leave Madiha and Matara at 04H00 & return in the afternoon. You will travel by a taxi van & change over to an off=road jeep at the park gate for the safari.


Uda Walawe National Park & Elephant Orphanage

Full day trip to Uda Walawe National Park & nearby elephant orphanage.

The tour leaves Madiha and Matara at 11am & returns around 9pm.

You  travel by taxi van before changing to an off-road jeep for the safari. You  enjoy the sunset safari, viewing wild elephants as well as other animals such as monkeys, peacocks, buffaloes & deer.

Thereafter you will visit the elephant orphanage for the feeding time of the baby elephants.

This incredible tour lasts about 9 hours, including travel time from Madiha and Matara which is about 2 hours.

Golf Tours

There are some great golf courses with awesome history in Sri Lanka.

Join one of our tours and see this beautiful tropical island with great social events.

Cha Bee Kataragama Temple Sri Lanka

cha bee kataragama

Cha Bee visits Kataragama Temple in Sri Lanka

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Kataragamam temple in Kataragama, Sri Lanka, is a temple complex dedicated to Kataragama deviyo. It is one of the few religious sites in Sri Lanka that is venerated by the Sinhala Buddhists, Hindu Sri Lankan Tamils, Sri Lankan Moors and the Vedda people.It is a collection of shrines, of which the one is dedicated to Kataragama deviyo.

The priests of the temple are known as Kapuralas and are believed to be descended from Vedda people.

Veddas, too, have a claim on the temple, a nearby mountain peak and locality through a number of legends.

There is a mosque and a few tombs of Muslim pious men buried nearby.

The temple complex is connected to other similar temples in Eastern Province dedicated to Murugan which are along the path of pilgrimage from Jaffna in the north to Kataragama in the south of the island.

Arunagirinathar traversed this pilgrimage route in the 15th century. The vicinity of the temple complex is used for secretive practices of sorcery and cursing peculiar to Sri Lanka. The entire temple complex was declared a holy place by the government of Sri Lanka in the 1950s.



Tours in Sri Lanka for vision and education about this Sri Lankan Tropical Island

Sri Lanka is a hidden gem in Asia.

With our speciality Sri Lanka tours, since it means the plethora of lush beaches are left virtually untouched and the unique style of life relatively untainted by troves of tourists.

Sri Lanka has an abundance of plaves to see and explore thanks to the country’s handy size and great diversity.

In a few days or a few weeks you can travel the majority of the country, enjoying everything from original tea farms to beach side cocktails to meditative Buddhist temples.

Within its borders Sri Lanka packs in 8 UNESCO Heritage sites, a fascinating culture and some of the best food you’ll ever experience.

Watrsports and adventures are available as are relaxing chill out holidays – it is all in your hands.

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