Amazing Sri Lanka

Amazing Sri Lanka

It’s really no wonder that Sri Lanka has become one of Asia’s most sought-after destinations. Read on and find out why.

History, culture, wildlife, food and activities from the lush hill country to its palm tree beaches and awesome people.

There is something for everyone on this delightful and happy tear drop shaped tropical island that is full with bucket list attractions, wonderful and mysterious beaches with enough scenery to last for at least a few months expeditions.

The island has now fully recovered after a distant war, this lovely island is well and truly back on every traveler’s list of “must visit” holiday destinations.

Previously a backpackers dream, there are now a plethora or local and expat operated boutique hotels and five star hotels from the world famous chains.

Here are some “Top Tips” to know before visiting. So have a read before you head on to search for an amazing travel deal, find out a little more about this fascinating place. Then get yourself on a plane and explore for yourself.

You can explore on your own or save time and money by letting us take the strain and sort out your itinerary. Our carefully selected guides work for a fixed fee and take you direct to where you want to go and see what you want to see.  We make your itinerary as flexible as you wish. Choose a VIP package or a explorer package – the choices are all yours.

You can mix and match thus enjoying some pampered rest time and also explore with our “off the beaten track” activities.

We delight in crafting a package for you.



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